JukeBox Decoder 2.8.0

JukeBox Decoder 2.8.0: Listen to MP3 / OGG / WMA , convert them to WAV format, and burn them onto CD Playlist window. Right-click files for Play, Open, Tag, and Decode (MP3 to Wave) in Windows. Open more than one player and decode multiple playlists of MP3 / OGG / WMA, simultaneously. It also saves the playlist upon closing JukeBox. Use the Loop, All, or Random (shuffle) List Play options to customize your listening experience. Hot keys. It saves playlists in HTML, CSV for Excel, as well as M3U/M3A album files plus Imports CSV and Tab text files

OneClickPlay 2.0: creation and launch of a randomized M3U playlist in a single click
OneClickPlay 2.0

This fast and tiny utility scans, creates and launches a randomized playlist (OneClickPlay.m3u) of all MP3, WMA and MID files found in the folder it was installed (copied) in and all subfolders. You can scan for any audio files by using switches. All music files in the generated playlist will be played by the player associated with M3U playlists. OneClickPlay is especially suitable for users whose music folder`s content changes often.

randomized playlist, mp3 utility

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saCaster 1.7.10

Now you can have Playlist and Podcasts on your SanDisk Sansa! Playlist creation and managemet. Podcast subscriptions and downloads Backup and restore your multimedia files. Import your m3u or pla Playlists!

sandisk, sansa, file manager, restore, backup, playlist, podcast

Perfect Player 1.0.0: IPTV/Media player with modern OSD and advanced playlists management
Perfect Player 1.0.0

playlists - Playlists formats supported: M3U, XSPF (UDP, HTTP, HTTP-UDP-proxy, TORRENT-TV.RU) - udpxy support (watching, scanning, playlist generating) - EPG formats supported: XMTLV and JTV - Setting logos (with preview), program guide (EPG) (manual and auto mapping) - Working with multiple providers playlists and program guides (EPGs) at the same time - Channels checking (scanning signal, presence or missing in the list of provider) - in the absence

xmltv, iptv, perfectplayer, xspf, mediacenter

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STS Playlist Editor 3.0.4

Are you looking for an easy way to rearrange your playlists? If so the STS Playlist Editor is for you. Give the songs a different order, edit a mp3 file`s details, even scan your hard drive for all audio files.

playlists, winamp, music, softex solutions

m3uEdit2 2.2: m3uEdit is a robust m3u playlist creator/editor. Drag-n-drop between files.
m3uEdit2 2.2

playlist creator/editor. You can drag-n-drop ANY type of files from Windows Explorer and they will be added to the end of the playlist. It accepts any filetype so that playlists for any media type can be made. For instance, Windows Media Player can play videos, WMA, and MP3 files from a single playlist. m3u files can be opened through the menu or toolbar, or can be simply dropped on the gray background. Options include opening m3u files in m3uEdit

editor, playlist

DigiMode X 1.00.0: The New and unique DigiMode X media player, plays audio and video files and more
DigiMode X 1.00.0

DigiMode X Free version is well designed media player program that runs without installation. It has great features and capapilities. Audio player runs without limitations and has one click album creation feature. complete playlist functions and automated playpack of previously loaded files at startup.secret playlist enables users to creat secret playlist that can be created and recalled via kyboard strokes.

video, photo, players, player, audio, midia player, vidio, foto, viewer

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